he & She

Jan. 4, 2014 by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite | Rating: 5.0 stars

‘he & She’ by Wayne Clark is a story about an individual’s declining sexuality and how a picture on the internet triggers his sexual urgency. He wants to see this beautiful woman who has ignited his fantasy from behind his laptop screen. In reality, his life has become unexciting with a string of bad relationships. He does some more research about her and he gets more excited to know that she is a dominatrix. The word gets him all excited and he starts fantasizing and exploring his dormant sexual desires. The book is raw and the story is realistic. The story takes you through the sexual fantasies of a fifty-year-old who has actually woken up from his unexciting life. The book tells you about the individual sexual preferences of a person which at times can border on being termed ‘perverted.’ Men like to experiment with sexuality when they are older and they can be experimental and more controversial at that time. It is better not to be judgmental and let them experience their sexual preferences and fantasies. I found the theme off-beat. It is not a theme that is usually written about. The author has tackled a relevant theme, but there is a slight variation from the normal sexual inclinations. The handling of the theme is very contemporary and it is a story of victory and triumph over one’s waning sexuality due to age.

Wayne is a Montreal based writer, editor and translator.

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