Lawyer develops “Pretty Woman complex”

There has been yet another male midlife crisis defence, this time in the case of a London lawyer who, according to the Mirror Online, developed a “Pretty Woman complex” trying to “heal” strippers after the breakdown of his marriage.  He claims to have slept with thousands of them.

The 49-year-old litigation lawyer’s daily routine was to put in 12-hours at a major London firm, then hang out at strip clubs until 5 a.m., spending thousands of dollars in the process.

Of the mail midlife crisis diagnosis, he told reporter Phoebe Jackson-Edwards he had been a normal family man, who suddenly “started behaving like a teenager, albeit a very rich teenager.”

What interested me was his statement that “Although I craved the sex and wild parties, no amount of them can really replace the need for a close relationship.”

That need haunted Kit, the protagonist in my novel he & She. I think a lot of people are so alone in this world they can’t even identify the universal need for company as we pass through life.

Wayne is a Montreal based writer, editor and translator.

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