Novels by Wayne Clark:

Busted On Broadway

Busted on Broadway book cover showing a woman and a detective in shadow

Latest novel by Wayne Clark

Find out more about Busted On Broadway

One Murder Too Many

Cover of the novel One Murder Too Many, photo of a woman dancing to a small audience

Find out more about One Murder Too Many

Vinegar Hill Blues

Cover of the novel Vinegar Hill Blues, photo of cobblestones and a saxophone musician.

Find out more about Vinegar Hill Blues

Book cover of Hollywood Via Orchard Street. Photo of a typewriter in rubble.

Hollywood via Orchard Street

Find out more about Hollywood via Orchard Street

book cover of That Woman

That Woman:
Beating the odds in Colonial New York

Novel by Wayne Clark

Find out more about That Woman

cover of he and shehe & She
What does a man do when life becomes pointless?

Novel by Wayne Clark

Find out more about he & She



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  1. Splendid interview on the Authors Show with Wayne Clark. Sure makes me want to go get copies of That Woman for myself and all the women in my life. What an attractive and articulate talker Mr. Clark appears to be. I’m not surprised as I’m a huge fan of his writing in he & She. He’s certainly a master of words in every mode and style, and I’m excited to read whatever he writes.

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