That Woman Reviews on Goodreads

Britt rated it 5 stars out of 5 on June 29, 2017

Thank you to the author for providing me a copy of this wonderful book in exchange for an honest review

One day Sarah and Jacob Da Silva were taken by force while waiting for their father to complete a business deal. They were made to become indentured servants to a ship’s captain. They were forced to leave their home in France to be taken to “the new world” aka New York City. They knew that most likely, that would be the last time they’d ever see their father again.

While aboard, they were forced to perform illegal acts (which would one day become their saving grace.) When through with riding the waves and arriving at their destination, they were sold to other people who they had to finish their contract out with. Jacob got dealt the better hand; he actually liked his job; it would end up being his life-long career. Sarah, on the other hand, was enslaved by the big man of the city, the fat scoundrel who would do anything to step on anyone.

She got sick of the way she was being manhandled and used so she plotted revenge! She stuck a knife to his fat neck and made him give her back her freedom and merchandise to become a successful merchant to live happily. He was terrified at that point in time, so he gave in to her…for a little bit but he really wanted to get revenge on her revenge. When you’re the big man of the city, you usually always get your way.

Through the story, Sarah and Jacob meet various people who become great friends and allies. They support them like a family would and take risks to contribute towards their prosperity.

While this story was fictional, I could see this being a reality for many of people who actually did live in the colonial times. I learned some fun facts and was opened up to a new interest, so again, I would like to thank the author.