A Cool Take on Love and Being Lost

Jan. 18, 2014 by John J. Staughton (Amazon) | 5.0 out of 5 stars

This review is from: he & She (Kindle Edition)

I had no idea what this book was going to be about when I ordered it, but the whip gave me a vague idea. I think that BDSM is a fascinating genre of fiction, and while it isn’t the most widely accepted style of writing, I think it deserves a spot in the modern canon of fiction. However, this wasn’t what I expected (or guessed) from the cover. Instead, I got a really interesting examination of what it means to grow old without feeling fulfilled. I am slightly younger than the protagonist, but I know how it feels to never quite be satisfied with what you’re doing or who you’re doing it with. I’ve never turned to a woman to solve the problem to quite the degree that K did, but I understand where that sort of desperation comes from. The portrait of loneliness and despondency that Clark presents of this man really made me feel for him, and the cool, modern references in the writing made it relevant and accessible. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, even though I felt bad for K at times. His struggles with women, his search for the one who would solve all his problems, his penchant for binge drinking, and everything else in between made this a touching, thought-provoking, yet amusing sexual romp through the mid-life crisis of a truly interesting individual. I definitely recommend this book for anyone not worried about reading a bit of smut and some gritty writing.

Wayne is a Montreal based writer, editor and translator.

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