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Jan. 30, 2018

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know full-well that Historical Fiction is my favorite genre. Especially if the author has done his/her research, has been true to the time period, and has created authentic characters (real or imagined.)

And ohhh, how I love a strong, female lead.

In That Woman, Wayne Clark has done all of the above. The plot of this book is absolutely captivating. In equal parts heart-wrenching, frustrating and inspiring, I found myself completely unable to walk away from the unfolding events.

After the death of their mother, Sarah’s father is doing what he can to make ends meet for his small family. While he is in a meeting that could make or break their future, Sarah and her brother Jacob are kidnapped while they wait for their father and thrown aboard a ship bound for New York. Once there, they are separated and sold as indentured servants. Only, Sarah is having none of it. Between her mind, her backbone, her determination and her grit, she reclaims her future with the fight of her life.

You guys, I kid you not, this book is excellent. I usually have a hard time reading books that land a solid gut-punch or three to the reader, but because of Sarah, I soldiered on. I simply had to know that this girl was going to be okay; plus, wanting her to reunite with her brother and somehow hoping she’d connect with her father all kept me frantically turning the pages. I did feel in spots that the author switched between happenings (for lack of a better word) rather quickly, which meant that my brain had to catch up, but it didn’t effect the quality of the read.

Highly recommend!


Wayne is a Montreal based writer, editor and translator.

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