Midlife Crisis: Yes, No?

Midlife Crisis: Yes, No?

There’s a thoughtful article on midlife crisis in today’s Huffington Post 50 by D. A. Wolf. Its title sets out two possible perspectives: “The Age of Regret, the Age of Opportunity.”

Speaking of her life partner, in the throes of self-reproach, the author writes:

“Yet as I listen to his most personal thoughts and observe his uncharacteristic stillness, it occurs to me that midlife is the age of regret, and possibly, the truest test of what we’re made of.”

My literary fiction novel he & She (available through my website) explores male midlife crisis from the point of view of a man who no longer finds pleasure or satisfaction in life, not even in memories. Eventually he finds a glimmer of hope in becoming someone he scarcely recognizes.

Wayne is a Montreal based writer, editor and translator.

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