May 8, 2015 by Jay E. on Amazon | 5 stars out of 5

Format: Paperback

He & She is a unique book which will be interesting for readers for decades to come. What this story contributes to literature goes beyond the realm of the particular sexuality it inhabits; it shows a consistent, gripping view of a world spanning several borders and continents criss-crossed by members from intriguingly diverse sectors of society. More than that, it tantalizingly hints at and then fleshes out exactly how the lives of lonely people intersect, so that you as the reader end up with a sense of intimacy with his characters that they themselves never achieve with each other. It is unflinchingly sincere in a way that I’ve never read before: you will share their highs, share their lows and then get involved all over again as they sniff out yet another perceived opportunity. Although it expresses an essentially tragic view of life that you may or may not completely agree with personally, this book is compelling. Kudos to Clark for creating characters in a dilemma that is extremely personal but writing about it in a way that elevates their interplay to a level which is actually much more universal. Bravo!

Wayne is a Montreal based writer, editor and translator.

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