A Great Piece of Fiction to Begin With

July 16, 2014 by Jami Grey on Amazon | 5.0 out of 5 stars

he and She by Wayne Clark

This is a great book about BDSM, its subculture, explains some of the language throughout, and gives the reader a realistic view about how paying for a Dominatrix is much different than being collared and owned by one permanently. I highly suggest this book.

This beautifully cruel novel begins with Kit (otherwise known as K-man or simply K throughout) in the hospital, bitterly angry as he has suffered a stroke and has damaged the whole right side of his body. The only thing he can still seem to do is to masturbate; the nurses really don’t try to anything to help him. This suits him fine, as he does not wish for their help and has intentionally hit one of the nurses while they were trying to get him into a chair for bathing purposes.

From this beginning, we regress back into time when K was in his late thirties. He speaks of having lived in Barcelona for a bit, which is what caused him to decide to return to school and get a translation certificate through NYCU. He works for a translation factory for just over three years. He stops making his word count, gets sloppy with the actual translations, leaving him two choices: quit or be fired. He allows himself to be fired since it would at least result in some benefits. It is then he decides to be a freelance translator, a word man. He changes up some of his back history so that it would reflect better upon himself and although there are months when things are tight, he still holds onto the freedom of not working for someone else, to work the schedule on his own way.

K also loves his alto sax. He sat in on a gig when he met Alana, whom he then proceeded to have a 10 year on again/off again vague relationship. Neither of them questioned where it was going, it just was there, like having someone you go to for therapy a couple times a month. Occasionally he was unable to get an erection, which caused him some embarrassment. Regardless of all these things, K still felt empty inside until he stumbled upon a Dominatrix’s page. His imagination began to create whole dialogues between himself and his Egyptian Princess. K finally gets in touch with her, and schedules a play date. He has a fetish for wearing full body stockings and being spanked, hard. After a while, these sessions would also start to

invade into other areas of her life, so without warning she sends him a note along with a different Dominatrix’s name, CC.

With CC, she also has a love of tights, and the same routine begins again. To keep from having to be without her for months, he even moves to Montreal, only to discover later that CC had ended up remaining in NYC, but his Egyptian Princess is in Montreal, and they begin to scene together once more. Once again, K loses his objectivity and craves a more personal relationship with her, but it is once again yanked away from him.

After these differing experiences, he returns to NYC and resumes his work as a translator and finds social media. This makes a major difference in his life and how he is viewed from then on out.


Wayne is a Montreal based writer, editor and translator.

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