Well written story about a sexual deviant many may find sad, depressing or worse

July 10, 2014 by John H. Manhold on Amazon | 3.0 out of 5 stars

he & She, self-published e-book by Wayne Clark is about a man who, with time, discovers the basis of his secret sexual desires.

Kit Cayman, a markedly indecisive man who indulges extensively in sexual fantasy is from a somewhat dysfunctional family (constantly fighting parents and a habitually drugged sister) and after a post-college graduation trip to Spain, returns, completes a translators’ course, spends some years in a professional translation organization, becomes bored, drinks heavily, leaves and opens his own business. He is an amateur musician and gains his only friend, a bass violin playing band member who lives in the same apartment. His sexual encounters are unsatisfactory and limited largely to Alana, a casual encounter that over several years becomes an occasional routine until another casual drunken session with Selita, who is dominant in the encounter, suddenly illuminate the direction of his cravings. His attempt to explain his discovered yearnings to Alana fail, but subsequently he discovers a web ad by a dominatrix which sets in motion the remainder of his life’s story.

The author has presented very credibly: a protagonist with an overriding tendency to evaluate and reevaluate every thought and action and an active imagination centered in sexual fantasies; introduced realistically, but on an inoffensive level, masochism, fetishism and BDSM practices complete with a dominatrix and a hint of the origin of such persons’ orientation.

So…if the reader is interested in a well written account of a sexual deviant, and his associated practices, this story is for you. For others it is a sad and depressing narrative.

Wayne is a Montreal based writer, editor and translator.

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